My name
is Sally and I’m
an Entrepreneur, Professional Mentor and Mother.

Movie night with Rory

at home.

Ultimately all my work is about helping mums be fabulous / amazing / awesome mums and super business leaders.


When I see overwhelmed, stressed out and worried women in business, it breaks my heart. I know exactly how they’re feeling because I’ve been there too!


But now, as a professional mentor, I can guide them to new insights as they grow their business, leverage their time, optimise their resources and maximise opportunities.


I help female business entrepreneurs and mothers:

  • Release the need to compete, hustle and endure the daily grind of building a business.
  • Discover growth opportunities through collaborative partnerships.
  • Relearn the art of collaboration.
  • Reconnect with their instinctive, intuitive way to nurture and grow a business.
  • I specialise in Personal Positioning, Modelling for Excellence — dissolving Guilt & Procrastination whilst gaining Clarity & Motivation to create the life you truly want & deserve.


When I was 12 years old, I discovered entrepreneurial adventures. I realised that people run businesses — and that people are fun to be around! And since then, I haven’t stopped seeing and seizing opportunities and building on them.


Having reinvented my life several times now, I love tools that save time & create results. Recently I have become a Practitioner in NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy & Hypnotherapy which assist me to facilitate change, create insights & encourage my clients self expression to be the best they can be.


Before I got here:


I’ve now over 20 years of business development & partnering experience, across a range of industries including cosmetics, retail, media, events and franchising.


Want to see my track record?


Well-known companies I’ve worked with include:

  • Aussie Farmers Direct
  • Val Morgan
  • McCain Foods
  • Clinique


I’ve also worked alongside many leading entrepreneurs including:

  • Dale Beaumont — CEO of Dream Express International Pty Ltd
  • Duane Alley — Founder and CEO of Performance Results Pty Ltd
  • Mike Handcock — Chairman and Founder of Rock Your Life Global
  • Dr Joanna Martin — Founder of One of Many and Shift Enterprises UK
  • Shaune Clarke — Founder of 6 Figure Speaker Training and Big Brand Speaking
  • Jonathan Reeves — Aussie Farmers Direct - Franchise


I’m deeply passionate about helping, inspiring and teaching women to make it easier to grow great businesses while they raise amazing kids. A recent client describes me as always looking for the greatest wins for all parties, while another declares me to be ‘elegantly perceptive’.


In 2009, my story was featured in "Lounge to Boardroom," one of SA leading coffee table books on leading female entrepreneurs.


But if we were sitting together having a glass of wine on a Friday afternoon, I’d say...


I help people who:

  • Love helping people and leading an inspiring life
  • Hate bullshit, fast talking, slick sales people
  • Need instructions, not opinions
  • Crave to make a difference — to stand out
  • Can’t figure out how to make businesses scalable, I bring back the fun, lightness and happiness into businesses
  • Are struggling with trying to do everything, but not achieving anything,
  • Are secretly yearning for recognition on a community scale
  • Are looking for a mentor, collaboration or partnerships so they can finally soar
  • Want to be all they can while enjoying the process and having fun
  • Are totally ‘over’ their business and fed up with competing all the time - trying to get ahead of everyone else, and
  • Want an easier way to create a business that supports them — not drains them. That makes them feel excited about going to work each day

Some of the great entrepreneurs I have worked with!




Mike Handcock

Shaune Clarke




Ready for a new way of doing business, with collaboration, support and freedom?

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The Kilt i made for a 6 foot cow,
no sewing only glue, staples
& saftey pins.

Like to found out some more about me? I’ll keep it random, but simple with these 9 facts:


When I’m not business building and creating collaborations.

I can be found at home watching an inspiring movie with a delicious glass of red wine.


I love walking in nature: at the beach, in the forest or mountains.

It helps me connect with and reawaken my intuition, energy and awareness.


I love ferrets for their free spirited, joyous, cheeky and naughty approach to life.

The way they play loudly and then snuggle up tight and sleep peacefully – almost with a smile on their faces.


I’ve got a hidden talent for creating costumes, without sewing.

Using only a glue gun, material and staples, I’ve created super hero and alien outfits for my son Rory. But my most famous costume was a Scottish kilt for a 6-foot tall Aussie Farmers cow mascot, Mootilda!


I can’t dance but...

I entered a Can Can event (in full costume with frilly knickers!) with a few of my friends.


I’m scared of chickens and ducks, but as a child,
I rescued a hawk!


As soon as my son and I wake up in the morning...

We don’t stop talking, laughing, having fun and enjoying life.


When I was 12 years old, I discovered entrepreneurial adventures.

I realised that business and people are amazing fun and I couldn’t stop seeing and seizing opportunities and building on them.


My two favorite quotes:

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” and
“Opportunities are a daily occurrence and often hidden in plain sight.”



(c) 2015 - Sally A. Curtis  All Rights Reserved