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Every business idea starts with a problem to solve.

Business Mums Solutions problem was simple: entrepreneurial mothers are worn out, running in circles getting no way fast, juggling too many balls and bone tired.


It’s simple! Entrepreneurial mums want to have fun running and building their business at the same time as they’re enjoying raising their children. I believe being an entrepreneur, business owner and mum should be enjoyable and fun. It should:

  • Add value to your family, life and community.
  • Make you feel happy and fulfilled — like you’ve contributed something worthwhile.

Creating your business, raising a family and trying to make a difference shouldn’t make you feel overwhelmed, tired, drained, or guilty. And this is why I created Business Mums Solutions.

  • Feel frustrated and struggling with a plateaued business growth,
  • Fear that they’re ‘running out of time’ but aren’t sure what to do first,
  • Know they need to change but want clear, effective and results driven tools / resources / solutions,
  • Are fed up with feeling guilty, overwhelmed and isolated as they work hard trying to build a business that never reaches the levels of success they desire,
  • I’d love to help you with the fastest way to grow your business through simple Joint Ventures and Collaborative Partnerships with great profits.

Over 20 years of Sales & Business Development Experience

Workshops Series | Partnering for Profit | Group Mentoring | 1:1 Mentoring | Speaking Engagement

I am passionate about business and personal growth. I love helping women in business and mums with children working from home, discover more of who they really are and what they are truly capable of in business.


My current focus is:


Mentoring women in business the art and magnificence of collaborative partnering to create profit and bring back fun to business. As women we are naturally collaborative... think back to history, there are many examples, its in our DNA.  Lets reignite this gift and change the way we do business, show our children the possibilities in life.

Let me help you cultivate your potential and then coach you forward!


Helping Mumpreneurs, business women whose business growth has plateaued, once again achieve business growth. Growth stagnation may be due to time constraints, or lack of strategic implementation and planning, lack of team members or mind set.  Whatever the cause, I have a solution.


  • Undervaluing themselves & product or service
  • Chasing opportunities that don't work out
  • Being a stressed out Solopreneur
  • Being competitive instead of collaborative

Momprenuers have similar challenges around the world.

You are not alone in this, you may have felt isolated, but it is not just you. Let me bring you together with other women, who want to band together and be great.

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